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Hud & Kosmetik

Hud & Kosmetik is the only exhibition for beauty professionals and a very important venue for the entire beauty industry in Sweden - beauty therapists, makeup artists, chiropodists, etc. The fair is organised by SHR, CIDESCO section Sweden.

The beauty industry's largest trade fair! A meeting place and source of inspiration for everyone who works in the beauty industry. The fair is filled with activities, ideas, news and inspiration. We arrange lectures, competitions, social gatherings, etc. and as usual, the fair offers new meetings and pleasant reunions. With interesting content, we create a unique meeting place for both exhibitors and visitors.

Hud & Kosmetik addresses itself directly to those who work in the skin care and beauty industry. We really look forward to meeting you all!


This year's theme - Sustainability

A constantly current and important topic! For our planet to continue to be a vibrant and healthy place, we all need to do our best to contribute to its well-being. Therefore, we will make sure to do what we can to support sustainability, including:

- Greener food choices: The restaurant will mainly serve vegetarian and sustainable options.

- Reduced paper consumption: We save on unnecessary printing and invest in digital solutions.

- Reuse: We reuse materials where possible and focus on reusable options.

- Sustainable suppliers: We collaborate with suppliers who also have a strong sustainability focus, such as Kistamässan and Trippus.


Our Collaboration Partners

Kistamässan has impressive environmental work and a strong sustainability approach in areas such as energy, travel and accommodation, shipping and logistics, production and waste, as well as food and food waste. They also take a great deal of social responsibility.

Trippus offers digital services and has, among other things, services such as print-on demand, which means that tickets are printed on demand to save on paper, they also offer a fantastic service for companies by creating increased sales at the fairs by scanning visitors. They have won the major event award with the justification” for your tireless commitment to the hospitality industry where you are a pioneer through your visionary sustainability work…. with investments such as social sustainability and sustainable ecosystems".


Engage in sustainability

We will organize a competition for the most sustainable product, to further engage all of you. Send in your contribution that you want to compete with by August 16 at the latest to:

- Attach a picture of your product

- Short informative text about the product and why it should win

- Winners are selected during our AW for "The Skincare Professional Awards"

As the saying goes: "Everyone can't do everything, but everyone can do something"!



There are many of you, both well-known suppliers and new companies, small and large, exhibiting at the fair; AlumierMD, B4K Skincare Scandinavia, BTL Aesthetics Nordic, C9 Beauty, CNC Cosmetic, Derma ProMedical, Dermarome, Darius Cosmetics, Derma Industries of Sweden, Diamond Glow, Dr Spiller, Egoiste, Ellancé, Endospherese, FÄRG Makeup & Academy, Insights Cosmetics, Is Clinical, Kraft Group, LPG, Lilly Nais, Masq+/Powerlite, Mette Picaut, Nannic, Neostrata, Nordic Natural Beauty, Kraft Group, Qryo, Shareswiss, Studex, SkinExperts DK, Stella Details, Sybro Beauty, Xlash and more

more See all booked exhibitors here, updated continuously


Sponsor offer & social media

In order to create a broad interest and reach as many people as possible, we want to showcase and highlight your company and your fantastic products in our social channels.

For social media, we need you to submit:

- Logo (one per exhibitor)

- High-resolution images (3–4 that we can choose from)

- Your company information (your company name towards the customer, which brand(s) you exhibit at the fair, your website, social media/links)

- Short presentation about your company and what you offer at your stand during the fair (3-4 sentences in total)

Last day of submission 26/6 and (Later submission will only come out in August due to holidays)


Don't miss this year's great sponsor offers

Take the chance to showcase your brand on a broad front during the fair, where both the press, skin therapists & industry professionals will be moving! For example, the Photowall, where everyone will be guaranteed to take a selfie, here there will beguaranteed a large spread in social media or on The Wall, where you are directly visible to everyone who enters the kista fair's entrance.

The Beauty bar, the centerpiece of the fair, where everyone swings by for refreshments or sponsors for a discounted drink in SHR's "minibar" during "The Skincare Professionals Awards"!

Spread your brand by sponsoring our speakers with goodie bag or make yourself visible where everyone will be coming to use the supplies, a poster with your booth number on the screen wall inside the WC!

We have several great options, but remember it's first come, first served!

Digital print files:

Printed files:

Deadline for submission of print files: 5 of August


Press lounge & Press breakfast

Hud & Kosmetik begins with a customary press breakfast for invited press & influencers, this is led by Elin Fagerberg and, as in previous years, she is the one in charge of the press lounge.

Here there is a chance to submit product samples with press release information, only products and a sheet with collected information about the products or a QR code for information.

Submitted at the kistamässan during move-in, Wednesday 4/9. The press lounge: B:07.


Live streaming with Aysha Jones

Aysha Jones, with the makeup company FÄRG, is also a big influencer and will go around to selected exhibitors who have expressed an interest and do short interviews, talk about their favorite product. To participate, we have a first-come, first-served principle!

Email interest to:

Deadline for registration: 5 of August


Lecturer inside M:07

This year we have several interesting lecturers booked and we will have digital information both at the entrance to the exhibition hall, at the beauty bar and outside the lecture hall so that no one misses out.

These lecture, among others:

- Aysha Jones (COLOUR-Diversity/Durability/Make-up)

- Augusto Zuniga Stenberg & Marilla Altersten from Strålskyddsmyndigheten (the Radiation Protection Agency - IPL/Laser)

- Alison Bladh (Hormones/Skin/Health/Menopause)

- Arvid Skarp & Elias Karlsson (Growth/Social media)

- Maria Bergendahl (IPL/Laser group- IPL/Laser/RF Microneedling)

- Marielle Isaksson (SM winner of makeup/Glossgods - journeyman's letter makeup)

- Linnea Åkerblom (Nannic International - Prebiotics/microbiome)

- Dr Anne Wetter (C9 Beauty)

all of these are also free of charge!


Lecturers & Workshops

On the main stage Thursday 5/9

10.15-11.30 Marielle Isaksson, former winner of SM in makeup and owner of Glossgods will be demonstrating makeup for special occations.

11.45-12.45 Hall & Hatje, "Sweden's only digital agency specialized in the beauty industry! - let us help you grow!"

13.00-14.30 Jens Bergström, tattoo artist at Heavenly inc & lecturer, will give a light lecture on risk analyzes in the work environment, concerning cutting tools.

14.45-15.45 Elin Fagerberg & Anna Karin Wahlberg with Hudnära/Hudvårdsjungeln will record a live podcast with guests 16.00-19.00 DJ Javi Fernandez takes the stage and warms up for the big award ceremony for The Skincare Professional Awards & the popular AW mingle!

The SPAwards

We are looking forward to the popular afterwork on Thursday 5 September in connection with the award ceremony of "The Skincare Professionals Awards", the authorized skin therapists' finest award.

This year, the afterwork has been named 'The SPAwards'. A fantastic evening are promised with a DJ and a guaranteed pleasant atmosphere!

This year's speakers are Elin Fagerberg and Anna Karin Wahlberg, who run the podcast Hudvårdsdjungeln and are the authors of the book Hudnära.

17:00 on September 5 inside the Exhibition Hall!

Only for participants in "The Skincare Professional Awards", SHR members and our exhibitors.


Workshops on the main stage Friday 6/9

10.15-10.55 Frida Söderström talks about their fantastic work for Look Good Feel Better, LGFB

11.05-12.30 Aysha Jones - Owner of the makeup brand & company FÄRG holds a makeup workshop.

13.00-14.00 Hall & Hatje, "Sweden's only digital agency specialized in the beauty industry! - let us help you grow!"

14.15-15.15 Hudvårdsdjungeln with Elin Fagerberg & Anna Karin Wahlberg will record a live podcast with guests. More to come!


Workshops & treatment space

-Malena Billeqvist will offer salon yoga at the activity corner (formerly the small stage) all you need is a chair.

For 15 minutes, she leads you through simple breathing and stretching exercises for "the perfect break at the salon to be able to become a sustainable therapist". This is repeated in 4 rounds for 1 hour in the morning & 1 hour in the afternoon. Participants get a program to take home with them and the opportunity to win a prize from the yoga wholesaler as well as a discount code for Swedenyogaretreats, which arranges Retreats and Yoga trips!

Only for those of you who participate!


- Treatment beds with tables, will be set up during the day for you exhibitors to use, here you can perform simpler treatments for fair prices to the customer. First come first serve for booking! (other materials needed, e.g. magnifying lamp, cotton, etc. are brought by you).


As in previous years, we will offer members a free portrait photo by a professional photographer!

To you exhibitors, who are not members, but want a portrait photo for the website, for example, this will also be offered for a better fair price. This year we will use the professional photographer Agnes Myrehed during the fair. Portrait photo is only as a drop-in and subject to availability, first come, first served, ticket collected at SHR's stand.

Photo Booth

For those of you who want to create your own memories and get a nice card together or a selfie, this year we also have our popular Photo Booth - Perpetuate your best memories with Myselfie, which together with our Photo Wall creates real red-carpet pictures!

Here we will also have a contest for the best picture! Welcome to create your memories at stand: F:07

Food & consumption

Kistamässan has a restaurant outside the exhibition hall, on the right, which is open for lunch and there is a separate place for you exhibitors. There will be both fresh salads and hot food with sustainable options such as fish, vegetarian & vegan. Red meat will not be served with the environment in mind, which goes hand in hand with our sustainability theme this year.

Opening hours: 11 am - 3 pm

Opening hours separate for exhibitors: 11 am - 2 pm

Opening hours move-in day 4/9: 11 am - 2 pm

The bistro

The bistro, by the exhibition entrance, offers a café menu with pastries as well as simpler dishes such as salads, sandwiches and soups. During the move-in day, there will be unmanned service with simple sandwiches, coffee, etc. Only payed by with swish- ask us how you can do.

Opening hours move-in day 4/9: 08 - 20.

Opening hours 5 & 6/9: 10 - 17.

Here you will find more information about the restaurants:


The Beauty bar

Inside the center of the exhibition hall is the Beauty Bar, here they serve cava, wine and nonalcoholic refreshments as well as light snacks, to buy at own cost.

Booth D:15.

Opening hours: 10 - 17.


SHR & SHR-Lounge

On site at the fair you will always find SHR, CIDESCO Section Sweden. We are here for you, tell you about our business and answer questions about everything from membership to continuing education. There will also be selected member goods for sale. We are right before you enter the exhibition hall in stand EH:05.

During afterwork on Thursday, September 5, in connection with the award ceremony of "The Skincare Professional Awards", we will be open with the "minibar" inside the SHR lounge. Here we will have reduced prices for our SHR members. Opening hours: 17 - 19. Stand E:25.





You have to registrate all of you that works in the exhibition case before you enter the fair, registration is done online and you do it here:



Rental: 2 860 SEK per sqm excl. VAT
Included in the price: The wall to the adjoining exhibition case. Sockets, carpet, and other furnishings are ordered through Kista Fair Services and is not included in the price.

Market place – limited amount of exhibitions cases
There are exhibition cases to rent but smaller companies, with a turnover up to 2 million SEK, at the left-hand side in the hall. The size of the cases is 2x2 sqm. The price is 8 800 SEK excl. VAT. 
Included in the price: A small wall to the adjoining exhibition case and runner. Sockets and other furnishings are ordered through Kista Fair Services and is not included in the price.

Booking fee
2000 SEK excl. VAT is paid to secure the exhibition case and is not refundable. 

Exhibition service

The exhibition walls are 2.5 meters high. For wallpapering or painting, contact kista fair service, which took over after the Workman Event. If you want to mount small things on the wall, it is fine if the wall is restored. If there are large items to be set up, contact kista fair service. Orders for stand and exhibitor insurance, contact Kista Mäss service.

Exhibition information

Kista mäss service takes care of all construction and decoration during the buildup of the fair, you turn to them for questions regarding decoration, electricity, carpet etc. in your stand. Last day to order is August 1! (Additional cost is added after that.)


kontaktperson:Claudia Long

Kista mä

Arne Beurlings Torg 5
164 40 KISTA

Visitor scanning – As an exhibitor you can make new contacts or get information of the visitors by using the scanning system via Trippus. Please contact Trippus for more information.
Exhibitor Insurance – Please contact Kistamässan or SHR for more information.
Exhibitor lounge – Can be used throughout the whole exhibition.

SHR market the exhibition in many channels such as Facebook, Instagram and, via our newsletters, on our websites ( and and in our members magazine Hudterapeuten( The skintherapist). We also send out press releases and press invitations.

Do you want to take part in the Hud & Kosmetik fair 2024 and make it a success? Please contact us for enrollment!


Kistamässan AB
Arne Beurlings Torg 5, 164 40 Kista

Thursday 10.00–17.00 
Friday 10.00–17.00



Linn Rojas Ribbhagen- Project manager

SHR, Sveriges Hudterapeuters Riksorganisation, CIDESCO Section Sweden                                                                         

Address: Dalagatan 60
113 24 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0) 8 30 94 40



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